Hamilton to host Canadian Open Golf Championship in 2019 and 2023

The Canadian Open golf championship is set to come back to Hamilton for next year and 2023 after being chosen by Country Club and the Hamilton Golf. The announcement came from Golf Canada in June that they have picked the 124-year-old golf course at Ancaster to host the upcoming PGA tournaments. Incidentally, the 2019 tournament will coincide with the centenary of Hamilton’s first hosting of the national open golf championship.

A look at the development

If you are a gold lover who just wanted more Canadian cities to host more of major golfing tournaments, you wouldn’t be disappointed with this news.

The Hamilton Golf and Country Club had been host to Canadian Open 5 times before the recent stint- the first time in 1919 and then in 1930, 2003, 2006 and 2012.

CEO of Golf Canada, Laurence Applebaum expressed his happiness on being able to bring back the tournament to the Hamilton Golf and Country Club with the help of PGA Tour and RBC. He said that very small number of courses in the world can match the historical importance and excellence of the Hamilton course. He was delighted and thanked the city of Hamilton and the club members for making this happen.

Chris Hamel, the president of Hamilton Golf and Country Club said that their members were honored to get the chance to contribute to the history of golf in Canada. He expressed his delight on the occasion of the centennial celebration in 2019 between the two organizations.

Hamilton Golf and Country Club

Golf Canada and the City of Hamilton have partnered up to bring the tournament alive. The National Sport Federation of Canada will also arrange several golf championships and sports events in Hamilton along with the RBC Canadian Opens bringing great news to the golf fans.

The mayor of Hamilton, Fred Eisenberger said that they were thrilled to be able to greet the legends of PGA Tour in their city for another two years. He complimented the importance of the RBC Canadian Open and said that the citizens of Hamilton feel proud to host the event on their territory. He also said that they will work with Golf Canada to bring numerous regional and national golf tournaments between 2019 and 2023 in Hamilton. They were looking forward to becoming a hub of golf in Canada which in turn will create economic, social and charitable impact in the community.

Who is organizing it?

Golf Canada is the official organizer and governing body of all golf events in Canada. It has a member base of 319,000 golfers spread across 1,400 member clubs in the country. Golf Canada looks to promote and grow participation in the game of golf while maintaining its integrity and tradition.

RBC or Royal Bank of Canada is a financial institution with over 81,000 employees. The Canada’s biggest bank delivers leading performance with clients in Canada, US and 34 other countries. It is playing host to the Open Golf championship for the upcoming games.

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Glen Abbey’s Heritage Status may Stop ClubLink’s Redevelopment Plans

The famous Glen Abbey golf course has got the heritage status from the town council and has gained some protection from being redeveloped into a housing complex. The property located in the town of Oakville had already hosted the Canadian Open 29 times and is the scheduled venue for next year.

How it Happened: A Look

ClubLink, owner of Glen Abbey wants to convert the golf course into a combination of 3,200 houses along with offices and retail spaces. But the plan was met with strong opposition from the residents who want it to be preserved. The town council voted strongly in favor of the proposal awarding the heritage designation following the Ontario Heritage Act.

Glen Abbey was designed by golf star Jack Nicklaus 40 years back and had been the venue for top golf championships. The property also houses the Golf Canada office, the Canadian Golf Museum, and Hall of Fame.

Mayor Rob Burton was present in the crowded council chamber where the voting was held. He said that he was aware of the concerns of the residents regarding Glen Abbey who is looking forward to keeping it untouched. Canadian authorities are trying to protect not only national heritage places, but they also want to improve gambling activities and make them more credible, among which we can mark out ValleyGames web advisor. Here you can choose a suitable online casino according to your taste. People always related Glen Abbey with Oakville and vice versa and he sees the importance in what the residents had to say. He also expressed that heritage held a strong meaning for them and his town was leading the way in conserving its heritage assets.

What Can ClubLink Do?

ClubLink has got 30 days to launch an appeal against the heritage status to the Conservation Review Board. Their appeal will be heard on 26 September by the Oakville town council and there can be several outcomes.

Depending on the regulations set by the town council, the development plan can still go forward even if ClubLink’s appeal doesn’t stand out. Toronto’s heritage planning consultant Paul Dilse says that the council can be lenient towards the appeal and may allow the golf course and constructions stay side by side.

So, what are the other roadblocks?

The residents have made up the Save Glen Abbey Coalition to oppose ClubLink’s development plans. Fraser Damoff, spokesperson for the group said that commented that the golf course was a gem and an integral part of Oakville’s identity. The town had developed around Glen Abbey through the years and people associate the golf course with the town all the time. With other parts of Oakville being occupied by single homes, it was important for Damoff and others to take a step to preserve it.

Saving the Golf Course – Can it Happen?

The initiative to save the golf course got an impetus after the winner of Canadian Open, Jhonattan Vegas from Venezuela expressed that he wanted the club to stay active. He said that he will be one of the biggest voices in the movement and keep it going strong.

The golf championships are a source of earnings for the town through visitor spending and provide a good return on investment.

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Top rated Canadian Golfers

There are more than 31000 registered golfers in Canada which mean a rich golfing culture. Golf Canada the sole governing body of these players also manages their stats. According to these stats it there is some golfers which are ranked as the best in the country. Some are known regionally and some are internationally renowned. Whatever the case is the fact of the matter is that Canada is a country which loves golf. The Golf Canada plans on making the ranking mechanisms stricter so that only top rated players climb up the ladder. Based on the current ranking of the association below are some of the top rated players in Canada which have been categorized accordingly:

Stephen Ames

Though not a Canadian national by birth Stephen Ames takes his spot on the list. It is because of the exclusive skills and techniques he has. The precise and accurate ball hitting has made him as one of the greatest Canadian golfers of all times. It would be very safe to say that at any point of time the Canadian golf history is not at all complete without Stephen Ames. He surely deserves it as he has won the PGA Tour 4 times. With $19 million earnings in total, this player has definitely left a mark on the industry and has proven that nothing is impossible.

Moe Norman

This old man is definitely a Canadian golf legend and he has earned this spot because of the God gifted skills and ball hitting ability. Again it is safe to state that this person is the best Canadian golfer of all time and world knows it. He prefered playing at the national level for some strange reason but that OK. His national record is top class and he has won over 55 Canadian tours in his long illustrious career. With 2 Canadian Amateur wins many wonders why he did not step onto the international canvas now?

Mike Weir

Current seasons have not been very good for this state of the art player but let’ not assume that he is out of the action of his abilities have rusted. With 15 worldwide wins, he is absolutely the best player Canada has ever seen. The list of top golfers in recent years is never complete without Weir and there is a reason for that. He has won 2003 Masters as well which makes his position even stronger. Known for intense competition and fierce golf battles Mike Weir has no just briefed press but his golf stick has also spoken for him.

Adam Hadwin

In just 29 years of his life, Adam has attained such a position in Canadian golf circuit which other players can only dream of. He has won the US open in 2011 and Masters in 2017 which makes him as one of the finest Canadian players of all time. Though he has not yet stepped into The Open Championship he plans on doing so in future to make his international profile stronger and lucrative for golfing organizations all over the world.

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Best Golf Courses in Canada

With more than 31000 golfers registered in Canada, the country has the lot to offer. Canada has 2000+ golf facilities all over the country which are rich in excitement and facilities. Golf Canada is the governing body and publishes very interesting stats about the game from time to time. Canada is the third largest golf nation in the world. The opportunities, as well as management of the sport, are superb. The quality level of the sport can be judged by the fact that each year thousands of Americans travel to Canada to take advantage of 921 9-hole golf courses of the country. Even those who never did hold a brassie but spending time playing computer or gambling on online casino could start golf training starting from beginner level.

Cabot Cliffs

Located in Nova Scotia this golf course has everything and facility which a golfer can think of. It is ranked among the top golf courses in the country. Opened in 2015 the golf course has attracted top players from all over the world. Playing in any of the top 10 golf courses in Canada is like a dream come true for any player and Cabot Cliff can make it happen easily. The average user reviews are also marvelous. All players have appreciated the fact that there is no shortage of holes neither there are any weak holes here which makes it a top choice for any golf player in the world.

St. George Golf and Country Club

This one is located in Ontario and just like Cabot Cliffs, it is highly regarded among the golfing community of the country. It is located at a distance of just 2 miles from downtown Toronto. The players are advised to contact in advance for booking as the park is always full. It is also one of the oldest golf courses in the country and was established in 1929. The rolling terrain and clear 9-hole look are some of the superb characteristics of this state of the art golf course.

Banff Springs

It has been rated as 5th highly recommended golf course of Canada by Golf Canada. Though it is a bit far and is located at a distance of 50 miles from Calgary the course is visited by golf enthusiasts throughout the season. Again it is advised to contact in advance for hassle free booking and there is no shortage of visitors at all. Built in 1911 this golf course has hosted several events such as PGA of Canada and RBC Canadian Open. The course was completely revamped in 1927 and since then it has been renovated from time to time so the attraction remains.

 Toronto Golf Club

It is notpossible to complete any list of golf courses in Canada without naming Toronto Golf Club. It is located 5 miles northwest of Mississauga and is owned by Harry Colt. It is regarded as one of the oldest golf courses in Canada. The current shape of the course was given in 1927 when holes were added and the course was made more attractive by the addition of sitting and dining areas. It is also the only golf course that has hosted Canadian open 3 times.

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Famous Golf Tournaments in Canada

Golf Canada publishes the list of golfing events each year that are scheduled to take place. The official website of the association can be browsed to remain up to date. The golf courses, as well as players participating, are also mentioned. The ticketing info if required and the number of players in each tournament can also be browsed so that entertainment remains at peak. The best part of the golf in Canada is that golfers from neighboring USA also participate which shows the rich heritage of Canadian golf. Likewise in 2017, there are numerous golfing upcoming events in Canada. Some of these are mentioned and explained as under:

PGA Tour Canada

Also known as Canadian tour the event takes place in Canada each year in Ontario. It is regarded as highly prestigious tournament and people from all over North America come to see the event live. The qualifiers take place before the main event which is also witnessed by many and therefore it is the earning source for Golf Canada. It was started as Peter Jackson Tour and from the very first day, it has gathered golf enthusiast who battles to take the prestigious trophy as well as cash price associated. This year the defending champion is Dan McCarthy.

Canadian Open

It is one of the oldest professional golfing events that are held in Canada. There are other accolades which are associated with this event such as it is third most played golfing event in the world. Played each year by professional golfers from all over the world the tournament has boosted the overall golfing rate in Canada and has produced new faces and names in the sport. Played at Glen Abbey Golf course this event is witnessed by millions on TV. In 2017 the event will be played in July and the total cash prize distributed will be around $6 million.


Though not as prestigious as PGA and Canadian Open the Greater Toronto Area Amateur Tour is still recognized by Golf Canada. It is one of the very few events which provide crowd the opportunity to participate in the game while they sit in their seats. This is done by numerous benefits which are offered by the organizational committee. GTA AM Tour has a lot to offer and therefore the friendly community of this awesome tour make this event very interesting. Big names such as Air Canada, Mazda, and Huawei sponsor the event which makes it further attractive.

Great Lakes Golf Tour

Under this banner, there are numerous golfing tours which take place in Canada and therefore it has the largest fan base in the country. There are numerous players which are groomed by this event from the year it has started. The first golfing event under the banner was organized in 2002 and since then it has no seen a downfall. The best part of this tour is that it focuses on amateur players and makes it possible for many to step into the huge world of Canadian Open and PGA tour Canada.

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